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2023/ 2024 Coaches


Samantha Francis
STARSkate Director

Samantha has been coaching since 2014 and is a Certified Regional Coach. With over 10 years of skating experience, she has completed Skate Canada Gold level tests in Skills, Interpretive and Dance. Samantha

is a full time Registered Early Childhood Educator with a background in physical literacy and fundamental movement skills.


Taylor Gracie
CanSkate Director

Taylor has been coaching since 2011 and is a certified Regional Coach. Within her 15+ year skating career, she has achieved her Gold Level Skills, Dance, and Interpretive. She has also completed up to the Senior Silver Freeskate test, and passed 3 Diamond Level Dances.

Figure Skating

Abby Koning

Abby is a NCCP Certified CanSkate Coach. She has been skating for over 10 years. Abby is currently working through her STAR 6 and 7 Skills, Dances and Elements. Before becoming a professional coach Abby was a program assistant for over 5 years, which motivated her to become a coach. Abby loves to teach kids how to skate in a fun and encouraging way. 


Glenna Osika

Glenna has been coaching with 

Skate Canada for 30 years. She is a Certified Provincial Coach and a National Trained Coach. She has worked at both small and large clubs, focusing on children learning to skate, special needs athletes, STAR and adult skaters. She is Level 2 Special Olympics certified. She has prepared and taken both Special Olympics athletes and Adult skaters to succeed at the National level. By background, she is an RN with extensive experience in many facets of the medical field.

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