2019/ 2020 Coaches

Ice Rink

Samantha Francis

Samantha has been coaching since 2014 and is a Certified Regional Coach. With over 10 years of skating experience, she has completed Skate Canada Gold level tests in Skills, Interpretive and Dance. Samantha is a Health, Wellness and Fitness graduate, certified physical literacy instructor and is working on achieving her ECE certification.



(905) 741-7688

Ice Skates

Taylor Gracie

Taylor has been coaching since 2011 and is a certified Regional Coach. Within her 15+ year skating career, she has achieved her Gold Level Skills, Dance, and Interpretive. She has also completed up to the Senior Silver Freeskate test, and passed 3 Diamond Level Dances.



(905) 220-7102

Snow Forest Road

Abby Koning

Abby is a NCCP Certified CanSkate Coach. She has been skating for over 10 years. Abby is currently working through her STAR 6 and 7 Skills, Dances and Elements. Before becoming a professional coach this past September, Abby was a program assistant for over 5 years, which motivated her to become a coach. Abby loves to teach kids how to skate in a fun and encouraging way. 


(905) 536-0814

Snow Forest Road

Ben Mulder

Dance Professional